A step-by-step guide that takes you from creating, planning, and recording to launching, promoting, and monetizing your very own podcast in only 5 weeks!

Never ask yourself again "where and how do I start?” because this course provides weekly assignments and task lists that get you working on your actual podcast. So not only will you be learning, you will be taking action towards making your podcast a reality.

Is it your time?!

Have you been wanting to share your voice and message with others in an effective way? Do you want to create or elevate your business through podcasting? Have you tried starting a podcast before but had no idea where to even begin? Do you have an amazing idea for a podcast but have no idea where to start? If you answered yes to any of these questions then NOW is your time and this course was made for you!


Podcasting absolutely changed our world and we are passionate about helping you do the same. But take it from us, when we first decided to start a podcast we had no idea how! We bought courses and joined webinars but always left feeling so overwhelmed! We thought, ok thanks for all this knowledge but where do I start? Which is why this was the main intention we had when creating this course.


We know that the secret to being successful in anything in life is doing small tasks everyday that add up to your end goal. But if you don’t know what you should be doing each day and aren’t able to break down your big goal into small tasks then what are you really doing? Just dreaming, hoping, and wishing. And if that’s you right now, please don’t feel bad. That was totally us! 


With our course, you never have to worry or feel overwhelmed with where and how to begin your podcast! We will take you on a 5 week journey from the beginning all the way to your launch! 

Each week, we will not only be teaching you everything we know about podcasting that took us from just an idea we had all the way to becoming the number 1 podcast for millennial women looking to elevate their lives mind, body, and soul and even being featured on Forbes-so cool! But we will guide you through each step with weekly assignments and task lists that will get you closer and closer to officially being able to call yourself a PODCASTER! 

Week One

  • Establishing your why 
  • Picking a name, topic, category, and description for your podcast 
  • Learning about who your ideal listener will be
  • What equipment you need to begin (everything we use)

Week Two

  • Deciding on your podcast show style
  • Episode planning, format, and preparing for production
  • Setting up your podcast as a business 
  • Branding your podcast

Week Three

  • Episode planning and how to create effective podcast episodes
  • Creating your podcast recording space DIY
  • Recording and editing your podcast
  • Learning how to get your podcast on every platform

Week Four

  • Getting ready for your launch day
  • Creating your promotional podcast assets
  • Diving deep into your promotional and marketing plan
  • Learning how to secure sponsors

Week Five

  • How to make sure your podcast launch is successful 
  • How to prepare, promote, and get people to listen to your podcast
  • How to leverage social media for launch and beyond
  • More ways on how you can monetize your podcast

"When I first wanted to start a podcast I never knew the details that go into it. When I met Stephanie and Melissa, they not only educated me on the process but made me feel educated in the process so that I could implement the same tasks but make it relevant to my podcast. They took the idea of starting a Podcast and showed how easily it is to break down each step of the process from choosing a Podcast title to making your Podcast live! I highly recommend starting here if you are interested in starting a Podcast but have no clue where to start." 

Tara Virgo

Meet graduate Madison Nunez host of Skin Love Podcast.

Certified esthetician, skincare entrepreneur and influencer. 


Meet graduate Bridget Harris host of The Savvy Southerner Podcast.

Lawyer, mom and influencer.  


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Who is this for?

Self Guided Plan

  • This is for you if you are a self-motivated individual
  • This is for you if you’ve mastered your self-discipline and don’t procrastinate
  • This is for you if are a self-starter

Guided Plan

  • This is for you if you want to be personally coached by us
  • This is for you if you are looking for accountability partners
  • This is for you if you’re looking to bounce off ideas with someone

We are only able to take on a few students per course cycle so this will sell out fast!

In our course you’ll find answers to this:

What equipment do I need to sound legit? 

How do I record a podcast?

How should I prepare for launching my show? 

How do I pitch guests? 

How do I get my podcast streaming everywhere? 

How do I get a podcast sponsor and make money? 

How much does it cost?

We offer two plans that will help you launch to success! 

Self Guided


  • Broken down task lists 
  • Weekly Assignments 
  • Step by step guide that takes you from zero to launch
  • Links, templates, resources, and equipment recommendations
  • Access to a team member via slack (a messaging system)





  • Everything in the Self Guided plan 
  • 1:1 Coaching calls 
  • Accountability coaches to keep you on track for the 5 weeks
  • Motivation and inspiration when you need it the most
  • Access to us via SLACK (Office hours: M-F)
  • Get your podcast promoted on our social platforms once it’s launched (100k+)

*Limited Spots Available this will sell out fast!




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Are you all in as a guided podcaster?

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Meet Mel and Steph!

Hey Podcaster! Call us your hype sisters :)

We are two sisters and the hosts of Millennial Women Talk Podcast. When we first started our podcast 4 years ago, we had limited knowledge and resources but through a lot of trial and error, we went from just an idea to having the #1 podcast for millennial women looking to elevate their lives-mind, body, and soul!

Now we are passionate about helping you do the same by sharing all the things we did to reach success. Our goal is for you to never feel overwhelmed or have that daunting feeling of "ah where do I begin?" Each week we provide you task lists and assignments that get you working on your podcast from day 1 to going LIVE in 5 weeks.

We can't wait to be apart of your journey and guide you to your success! It's going to be awesome.

See you in class!

Always Love,

Mel + Steph

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